Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Dancer

Jen has posted my Saint Patrick's story for little ones at her wonderful Waldorf homeschool blog, "Ancient Hearth."

Please visit Jen and her family for some Irish cheer! "Sláinte"

Thank you Jen, Charley and Elena for making me such a lucky part of your life!

"Sláinte" means "health" in Irish and pronunciation depends on your dialect.
in the South and West you'd say "slawnt-yeh" or "slant-yeh", in the North it's "slain-cheh", with the "ay" much broader than in the English "slain"


  1. Hi from New Zealand, I am a needle felt artist,and Jen is such a sweet lady. cheers Marie

  2. Hello Marie!

    Happy Midsummer's Eve!

    Jen is my own one woman fan club. : ) She is so encouraging and she is doing such lovely work of her own.

    I want to move to New Zealand before I die. If I don't make it, I'm going to be born there next time!

    Good wishes, Christine